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Design Process

BP Design is committed to creating innovative landscape architectural designs that enhance existing environments. We work closely with our clients, most of whom are design professionals, to ensure that our plans not only meet expectations - we expand the vision for what's possible.

Initial Consultation and Proposal

The design consultation typically includes an on-site walk-through and in-person meeting to analyze existing conditions and understand design potential. We discuss the client's artistic vision, set project goals and gather information necessary to create a design proposal.

BP Design LLC Landscape
BP Design LLC Landscape

Base Plan Preparation

Once our design proposal is accepted, we conduct a careful plot plan or survey to identify the specific location of property lines, buildings, trees and other existing structures. Some projects will require the plan to include drainage and grading data. We will make multiple site visits as needed to ensure that measurements and mapping are accurate. This Base Plan is computer-generated and used for all sequential drawings.

Schematic Plan

Integrating information from the Base Plan and the initial consultation, we produce a Schematic Plan to document alternative design solutions and elicit client feedback. These scaled drawings indicate all potential landscape elements including, paving, patios, walls and steps, plant beds and other features.

Final Master Plan

Upon client approval of a Schematic Plan, we further develop the character and quality of the project to create a Final Master Plan. The Final Plan contains the specific, detailed information required to generate a cost estimate for project completion.